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Lesson Overview


In the “Belong” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Mix It Up: Kids will play a game that simulates chaos and order to help them think about the Bible story. Get in Order: Kids will put themselves in order according to different statements, to think about how God created order.


Kids will hear the Bible story about God creating light from Genesis 1. You will show kids a flashlight, or an image of a flashlight, to prompt them to think about how God created order when He created light. Kids will learn from the Bible story that God has brought order to the world.


In the “Believe” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Flashlight Freeze: Kids will practice the memory verses while playing a game that helps them remember that God created light and order. Out of Order: Kids will tell the Bible story by putting Bible story cards in order. In the “Become” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Make a Shape: Kids will work together to make shapes with their bodies to learn that God can bring order when life feels crazy or chaotic. Shadow Show: Kids will guess what an object is by looking at its shadow to remember that God cared about us when He created the world.


To finish your time together, kids will do one of these activities: Choose Your Challenge: Kids will pick a challenge for the week to work on and take home an illustrated page that has their challenge listed. Day and Night Prayer: Kids will draw or write things to pray for in the daytime and nighttime, to remember how God created day and night with order.

Lesson Goals & Questions

You will be helping kids to grow as resilient disciples!! Kids are more interested in learning if it relates to something they are curious about. Through this lesson we’re going to help kids explore these three questions they may have:

  • He

    Question about God: How powerful is God?

    Big Goal 1: Kids will learn that God is all-powerful and brought order to our world.

  • We

    Question about people: How does God show He cares for us in what He made?

    Big Goal 2: Kids will learn that God prepared the world for us to be with Him.

  • Me

    Question about our purpose: When my life feels crazy, what can I remember?

    Big Goal 3: Kids will learn that we can look at the basic order in the world, like day and night, and remember that God created order out of chaos.

Cultural Connection: Financial Instability

You will have the option to bring up the topic of financial instability with kids, and encourage them in their discipleship.