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Lesson Overview


In the “Belong” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Perfect Timing: Kids will learn that even if our timing isn’t always perfect, God’s timing is. Patience Test: Kids will play a game where they look at each other and try not to laugh, and learn that we can be patient as we wait for God to work.


Kids will hear the Bible story about the birth of Isaac in Genesis 18 and 21. You will show kids a video and a potted plant to prompt them to think about how we can be patient and trust God to keep His promises in His time.


In the “Believe” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Sticky Verse: Kids will put the memory verse in order and stick it to a wall to remind them that God’s promises stick. Make the Family: Kids will create the Bible story characters out of Play-Doh® and tell the Bible story, and then make their own families out of Play-Doh to help them remember how God fulfills His promises.

In the “Become” activities, kids will do one of these activities: Guess the Age: Kids will guess each other’s ages and birth months to learn that nothing is impossible for God. Unbreakable Experiment: Kids will try to break different materials to learn the difference between the promises of humans and the promises of God.


To finish your time together, kids will do one of these activities: Choose Your Challenge: Kids will pick a challenge for the week to work on and take home an illustrated page that has their challenge listed. God’s Promises Prayer: Kids will draw a symbol on the back of promise cards to help them remember God’s promises.

Lesson Goals & Questions

You will be helping kids to grow as resilient disciples! Kids are more interested in learning if it relates to something they are curious about. Through this lesson we’re going to help kids explore these three questions they may have:

  • He

    Question about God: Why doesn’t God make everything good happen right now?

    Big Goal 1: God works in His own time to keep His promises.

  • We

    Question about people: Why doesn’t God always do what we expect the way we expect it?

    Big Goal 2: We can know that God’s schedule is not our schedule for how He works in our world.

  • Me

    Question about our purpose: What should I do when I feel impatient with God and the things I hope will happen?

    Big Goal 3: I can look at the circumstances of Isaac’s birth, and trust God with the timing He has in my life too.

Cultural Connection: Instant Gratification

You will have the option to bring up the topic of instant gratification with kids, and encourage them in their discipleship.