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Lesson Overview


In the “Belong” activities, students will do one of these activities: Group Membership: Students will talk about the benefits and costs of belonging to a group. Balloon Soccer: Students will play a group game then discuss what it means to belong.


Students will hear the Bible lesson in John 17 about how Jesus prayed for the unity of believers. You will show them a video of Kelly, the video host, briefly talking to Pastor Harvey Carey about what it looks and feels like to belong to a fellowship of believers. Students will learn from the Bible that belonging and contributing to a group of believers was so important to Jesus that He used His very last prayers to plead with God about the unity of His followers.


In the “Believe” activities, students will do one of these activities: Bible Verse Rapid Fire: Students will practice the memory verse by playing a game to see how quickly they can recite the verse as a group. Mark It Up: Students will read and mark up a printable version of the Bible passage and discuss how the passage challenged or encouraged them.

In the “Become” activities, students will do one of these activities: Better Together: Students will experience an object lesson about community and discuss the importance of belonging. Identity Crisis: Students will be challenged to consider how they identify themselves and to let their worth and identity be found in Christ alone.


To finish your time together, students will do one of these activities: Choose Your Challenge: Students will self-assess their own faith journey, then pick a challenge for the week based on their assessment. Pray as Jesus Did: Students will experience a guided prayer that mimics the prayer of Jesus in John 17.

Lesson Goals & Questions

You will be helping strengthen students’ faith today! Students are more interested in learning if it relates to something they are curious about or dealing with in their lives. Through this lesson we’re going to help students explore these three questions they may have:

  • He

    Question about God: Does God care about belonging?

    Big Goal #1: Students will learn that God invites us to belong and contribute to His tribe.

  • We

    Question about people: How does God show He cared for us in how He designed us?

    Big Goal #2: Students will learn that we were never designed to be alone; we are designed to be in community with one another as followers of Jesus.

  • Me

    Question about our purpose: How does it change me to know that I am invited to belong to God’s tribe?

    Big Goal #3: Students will experience the impact of being adopted by God and explore what it means to belong to a tribe.

Cultural Connection: Bullying

You will have the option to bring up the topic of bullying with your students, and encourage them in their discipleship.