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Lesson Overview


In the “Belong” activities, students will do one of these activities: Useful vs. Dangerous: Students will discuss fire and how it can be useful or dangerous as a metaphor of our freedom. Caterpillar Races: Students will participate in a relay race rolled up in a bedsheet like a caterpillar and discuss what it means to be held captive.


Students will hear the Bible lesson in Romans 1 about how the choices we make are riddled with consequences that hold us captive from the paradise God intended for us. You will show them a video of Kelly briefly talking to Pastor Harvey Carey about how to share the truth of the gospel by getting to what people really desire, to be known and loved. Students will learn from the Bible how God allows captivity as a consequence for disobedience, but rescue is coming.


In the “Believe” activities, students will do one of these activities: Word Wipeout: Students will write out the verse, then erase one word at a time in order to help them learn the Bible memory verse. Mark It Up: Students will highlight key words in the Bible passage and discuss what it means to be held captive to sin.

In the “Become” activities, students will do one of these activities: Freedom in Repentance: Students are encouraged to recognize sin that holds them captive, then repent for that sin so they can find freedom in Christ. Discussion: Students will be challenged to truly see their sin and how they are enslaved to it.


To finish your time together, students will do one of these activities: Choose Your Challenge: Students will self-assess their own faith journey, then pick a challenge for the week based on their assessment. Prayer of Release: Students will pray an experiential prayer to experience captivity and release.

Lesson Goals & Questions

You will be helping strengthen students’ faith today! Students are more interested in learning if it relates to something they are curious about or dealing with in their lives. Through this lesson we’re going to help students explore these three questions they may have:

  • He

    Question about God: What is God’s response to sin?

    Big Goal #1: Students will learn that God allows us to make choices and live with the consequences, but He desires to set us free from captivity.

  • We

    Question about people: How do our choices affect others?

    Big Goal #2: Students will learn that going our own way feels like freedom, but instead traps others and us into captivity.

  • Me

    Question about our purpose: How do I truly become free?

    Big Goal #3: Students will learn that repentance requires turning from sin and moving in the direction of obedience and true freedom in Christ. In short, God is continually renewing us in His image, making us more and more like Him.

Cultural Connection: Addiction

You will have the option to bring up the topic of addiction with your students, and encourage them in their discipleship.