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Lesson Overview


In the “Belong” activities, students will do one of these activities: Digital Dependency: Students will explore and discuss what it would feel like to live without technology. Aliens vs. Predators: Students will play a group game then discuss what it means to be held captive.


Students will hear the Bible passage in Luke 4 about how Jesus declared to Israel that He was the rescuer they had been waiting hundreds of years for. You will show them a video of Kelly, the video host, briefly talking to Pastor Harvey Carey about how sharing the good news of that rescue requires understanding the your audience and what would draw them to the rescue that Jesus offers. Students will learn from the Bible that Jesus is the rescuer from our captivity to sin, and also delivers us into a perfect relationship with God.


In the “Believe” activities, students will do one of these activities: Verse Scramble: Students will practice putting the scrambled verse in order so they can better remember it. Sketch It: Students will sketch out their interpretation of the Bible passage so they can better remember it.

In the “Become” activities, students will do one of these activities: True or False?: Students will play a game of Two Truths and a Lie and then be challenged to look at who or what is determining truth in their own lives. Freedom in Christ: Students will be challenged to think about what it would look like to truly experience freedom through being rescued by Christ.


To finish your time together, students will do one of these activities: Choose Your Challenge: Students will self-assess their own faith journey, then pick a challenge for the week based on their assessment. Praying a Psalm: Students will experience a guided prayer through Psalm 69.

Lesson Goals & Questions

You will be helping strengthen students’ faith today! Students are more interested in learning if it relates to something they are curious about or dealing with in their lives. Through this lesson we’re going to help students explore these three questions they may have:

  • He

    Question about God: In times of trouble, how is God still at work?

    Big Goal #1: Students will learn that God had a rescue plan from the beginning; through Jesus we can have redemption.

  • We

    Question about people: Will salvation in Christ rescue us from the troubles of this life?

    Big Goal #2: Students will learn that Jesus promises a life of peace and fulfillment in Him, but what the world sees as better is not what God sees.

  • Me

    Question about our purpose: What should I do when I find myself looking at what the world provides instead of turning to God?

    Big Goal #3: Students will learn that true rescue and redemption can only come from believing in and following Christ.

Cultural Connection: Parental Unemployment

You will have the option to bring up the topic of parental unemployment with your students, and encourage them in their discipleship.