Brite is a digitally delivered weekend curriculum for child discipleship. Brite Elementary serves children from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Brite helps local church volunteers connect children with Scripture through Gospel-focused teaching, engaging media, and guided conversations with loving, caring adults.

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Brite is designed for your entire Children’s Ministry, kids ages 0-11, with an aligned Scope and Sequence so kids are learning the same Biblical truths, but with age-appropriate discussion questions and activities. Click to learn more.

What does a Brite lesson look like?

Brite includes engaging video content, downloadable lesson files, and relevant leader training. Brite has resources for small group and large group formats but is flexible enough to fit your unique ministry environment. With the ability to select supplies, choose lesson experiences, videos, and application activities, Brite is adaptable to meet your discipleship needs.

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Kids will experience God's love through a welcoming community.

Choose from two unique activities, each designed so that every kid feels loved, known, and has a sense of belonging.

Bible Teaching

Kids will discover who God is by engaging with the Bible in community with others.

Includes monthly themes, engaging media, weekly memory verse, and gospel presentation.


Kids will discover who God is by engaging with the Bible personally.

Choose from two unique activities, each rooted in the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word in order that kids may know, love and serve Jesus Christ.


Kids will experience following Jesus by learning to walk in His ways.

Choose from two unique activities, each designed to help kids navigate a changing culture, experience God’s presence, and walk in the ways of Jesus.


There’s an urgent need to equip today’s kids to engage the culture and lead the church of 2050. Brite gives you the resources you need to make resilient disciples who will shine like stars in a dark world. We look forward to partnering with your church.

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